e3m for 5 sets


5 Overhead squat @70-75 percent of max


in teams of 2

60 push ups  

120 box jumps

60 push press (75/55)

120 air squats  

60 sumo deadlift high pulls (75/55)


kb weight or dumbbell weight is heavyweight as possible challenge yourself partners should share same weight unless mixed group  

partner holds a heavy set of kbs in a farmer carry stance while other partner completes reps. Divide reps evenly between partners  





This will be a somewhat of a deload week nothing heavy during strength will be lots of gymnastics and accessory work treat this week like a deload week we will be doing some testing next week. All about form and technique during strength cycles. The metcons will have options for you to push and go heavier and that'll be up to you but for most it's always healthy to dial it back for a week deload weeks are very beneficial. Have fun and feel free to ask any coachs questions on movements and scaling options

Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets)
A] 5-10 pull ups

dependent on ability go with hardest progrssion possible if trying to get better at pull ups challenge yourself. The reps are a guide but not gospel if you don't have a strict yet work at it go with the easiest band challenge yourself.
B] single arm overhead crossbody lunge

5/5 (5 per leg)  

For Time
400m run
21 Squat Clean (115/85
400m run
18 power clean (115/85)
400m run
15 front squat (115/85)


no strength today work on the movements and have a good long warm up. Long workout today pace yourself appropriately. In metcon 2 you'll be responsible for your break time. Workout is scored separately on all 3 


Conditioning 1
“Suck Fest” Saturday
In 12:00
800m run
AMRAP with remaining time
5 clest to bar pull ups

10 hand release push ups

15 Front Squats (95/65


Rest 4:00

Conditioning 2
3 rounds for time
For Time
500m  Row
21 T2B
7 Front Rack Lunge (95/65)

rest 4:00

40 wall balls

40 deadlifts (95/65) 






Every 3 minutes for 15  

a)  2 pause at power position power snatch+2 power snAtch stay light and work on technique

b) 3-5 handstand push up  

version 1 strict if strong at hspu 

version 2 feet on box or kick up handstand hold for 15 seconds  

version 3 on box ( pike position preferred if brand new to hspu knees on box)  




400 m run  

15 overhead squats (95/65) 

version 2 (75/55) 

version 3  (55/35) 



Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 sets)
A] 3 Deadlift @ 80% of 1RM (must be a clean grip, no staggered grip). Adding weight from last week.
B] 15sec Hollow Hold + 15 Hollow Rocks

“Fight Gone Bad-ish”
For Time
Wall Ball (20/14#)
Sumo Deadlift high pull (95/65)
Box Jumps (24”/20”)
Push Press (95/65)
Double unders x2 of reps 
Rest 1

(Round 1 the athlete will perform 21 reps of all movements . Round 2 the athlete will perform 15 reps of all movements. Round 3 the athlete will perform 9 reps of all movements.)


earn your turkey day or burn it off



E3m for 12 minutes

10 reps @  65-70 percent work at efficient weight not to failure


Partner wod

400 m med ball run (together) 

100 wall balls 

100 burpees 

100 med ball deadlifts

100 push ups  

400 m med ball run (together) 

This will be a solid amount of volume goal will be to break it up appropriately together one partner works at a time both run together  




Every 3:00 for 18:00 (6 sets) Perform

2 Clean + 4 Front Squat @ 70% 1rm Clean + 5lbs

Conditioning 1
For time
21 Power Cleans (135/95)
14 pull ups
30 Double Unders
15 Power Cleans (135/95)
14 pull ups
30 Double Unders
9 Power Cleans (135/95)
14 pull ups

30 Double Unders

scaling options:

115/75 ;banded pull ups;double the skips

95/55 jumping pull ups; double the skips


challenge yourself on this workout the weight should not feel light should have to break up the power cleans into sets of 3-5's so challenge yourself be safe keep the trunk tight when going touch and go and have a great weekend. This is the pre burn to turkey day



Every 3:00 for 18:00 (6 sets)
A] 5 sumo Deadlift @ 75% of 1RM (must be a clean grip, no staggered grip). Adding weight from last week.
B] 15sec Hollow Hold + 15 Hollow Rocks

For time
30 Pistols
15 Push Jerks (135/95)
20 Pistols
15 Push Jerks (135/95)
10 Pistols
15 Push Jerks (135/95) 

scaled options

perforrmance: banded pistols or pistols to target


atheltic: double the amount of pistols

example :30 pistols =60 squats




Every 2:00 for 12:00 (6 sets)
A] 5 Strict Press @ (pick a weight that will challenge you but allows for no missed reps)
On 6th set perform as many reps as possible.


Conditioning 1
8:00 Min AMRAP
8 Front Rack Alternating Lunge (95/65)
4 Lateral Burpees Over Bar

Rest 2:00

Conditioning 2
8:00 Min AMRAP
4 Front Rack Alternating Lunge (95/65)
8 Lateral Burpees Over Bar



athletic: scale as needed  


not to much complexity to this workout today just a simple grind. Pick a weight you can stay consistent with and have fun with the workout.