Driftwood Chiropractic


Dr. Vivie Bojilov grew up locally in New West. He attended the University of British Columbia and complete his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology while also playing college football at UBC.


He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in California, during which he was involved in assisting many local sporting teams/events within the area such at the North Face Endurance Challenge, San Jose State Rugby, the former Oakland Raiders and Sea Otter Classic.


Vivie has extensive training various Manual therapy and Soft Tissue techniques. He is also concurrently working with Stanford Medicine’s Neuroscience and Pain Lab (SNAPL) to help publish research on neck MRI segmentation and pursing post graduate training through the University of Pittsburg’s School or Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.


During his free time, Vivie loves to climb and go adventuring with his pup Grizz.