Driftwood Physiotherapy

Catrina Guglielmucci

- Certified Athletic Therapist

- Registered Physiotherapist

- Co-owner of Driftwood Athletics


 Physiotherapy is appropriate for acute and/or chronic injuries, maintenance, and prevention. Catrina, our physiotherapist, will perform a thorough assessment and create an individualized treatment plan for you, your injuries, and your goals.

   You can expect treatment sessions to include a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, intramuscular stimulation, correctional exercise, and education.

   Catrina has been a practicing Athletic Therapist for 8 years and a Registered Physiotherapist for 4 years.

   She believes in working only one-on-one with patients to provide the best possible care. She strives to address structure and alignment, before prescribing corrective exercises, to avoid building on dysfunction, prevent further injury and avoid compensation patterns. She always encourages and finds a way for her clients to take an active approach in their rehabilitation.



Treatment Options:

Physiotherapy Initial Assessment/Follow up (45 minutes) - 100$

Physiotherapy Follow up (30 minutes) - 80$

Athletic Therapy (45 minutes) - 100$ + tax

Athletic Therapy (30 minutes) - 80$ + tax 

Direct billing available for some providers upon request