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Updated: May 12

Cold Showers Vs Hot Showers

Cold Showers:

  • Calm skin

  • Wake you up

  • Increases circulation

  • Reduces muscle soreness

  • Glowing hair and skin


The cold water increases oxygen intake, your heart rate, and alertness. It increases your circulation because the cold water makes your skin tighten and constrict; therefore, the blood in your deeper tissues need to circulate faster to maintain your body temperature. Glowing hair and skin comes from the tightening and constricting on the surface level

Hot Showers:

  • Open airways and nasal passages

  • Loosen phlegm

  • Helps with blemishes

  • Muscle relaxation


Hot showers can open up pores in the skin which can help clean out any dirt or oil that was previously trapped. They can also help tight muscle areas loosen up and relax.

Caution: Some people overuse the hot shower and end up with mild heat exhaustion. Be cautious of the time you spend with hot water.

Try both! Incorporate a cold or hot shower depending on the results you would like to see.

Alternatively, lots of people alternate between hot and cold during 1 shower. Example: 1 minute cold 1 minute hot for 3-6 cycles

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