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How to Continue Training as a New Parent

As a new parent, there are many things to navigate and you are tired all the time. So how can you find pockets in the day where you have the energy and time to do exercise and train?

Here are some helpful tips and practices that Driftwood teammates use to balance training while being a new parent.

1. It takes teamwork. Communicate with your partner and let them know that this time for your wellbeing is on the priority list. Trade workout times with your partner or support team or turn date nights into activity nights!

2. Find a workout buddy. Having a workout friend can help you stay accountable or they can even be a babysitter.

3. Jog Stroller! Go for walks or jogs with your child. Get some daily movement in. Jog strollers absorb a bit more than a typical stroller –utilize nap time.

4. Carriers. Carriers are a great way to go on walks and hikes with your child as your company and weight. You’ll be able to keep a close eye on them as well.

5. Getting an early morning workout. Once your child has a sleep schedule and you typically know what time they wake up, it is easier to schedule your workouts around those times.

6. Make your workouts a part of your work day. Add it into your schedule.

7. Realize that there are a lot of options available to exercise! Every little bit counts and contributes. Build great habits and incorporate exercise into your new lifestyle.

Want to learn more? Listen to Driftwood Athletics Podcast Episode: 25

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