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How Stretching and Mobility can Address Back Problems

Back problems? Lower back pain specifically? Do you stretch and do mobility exercises? Stretching and mobility can prevent and address back problems.

There are so many ways you incorporate stretching and mobility work into your daily routine. You can do simple touch-your-toe stretches at work. Try and set aside 10 minutes in your day to stretch or do something active.


Stretching in a position for a long period of time

  • Reduces risk for injury and maintenance

  • Prevents potential back problems from tight muscles

Active movements that cause stretching but not held in that position

  • This is most beneficial for getting ready to exercise, it prepares the muscles

  • Great for a stiff back or warming up the muscles so the back muscles are not shocked

Overall, stretching relieves tension from surrounding muscles.

Stretches for the Back Muscles:

  • Knee to Chest

  • Lower back rotational stretches

  • Cat and Dog Stretches

  • Seated rotational lower back twists, pause to stretch


Mobility exercises increase your range of motion, stabilization and control of the muscle groups. These exercises are calming and can release stress and prevent stiffness! Mobility exercises are low-intensity and gives your body time to be active without much effort.

Moving is good for your back!

  • Exercises that engage the back muscles and spine can help strengthen the back and surrounding muscles and relieve pain

Mobility Exercises for Back Problems

  • Bridges

  • Pelvic tilts

  • Lying lateral leg lifts

  • Supermans

  • Partial crunch curls

try them out & let us know how it went!

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