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Are you feeling like you overuse your shoulders or constantly have shoulder pain?

Let’s start with the basics, the shoulder is a ball and socket joint. We need to pay attention to the joints around the shoulder. The ball and joint is called the glenohumeral joint. The scapula is the foundation of the movement that your shoulder can do, your shoulder blade.

Every time we have an injury, we need to look at the connecting joints, look at the whole situation. That way instead of pinpointing one area, we can see what exactly is causing the injury and pain.

One of the biggest things with the shoulder is posture. If your shoulders are rounded forward, there is a poor opportunity for the rotator cuff tendons and the bicep to move cleanly and nicely. This causes an easy way for it to pinch. If we decrease the moving space for the tendons those structures get irritated easily.

The fix: focus on pulling the shoulders and chin back and opening the front of the shoulders. Give those endons more moving space!

Shoulder blade movement is another common cause for discomfort. If the upper and lower trap muscles are working properly, then the scapula can upwardly rotate nicely. Sometimes people who sleep on their side, compress the moving space and therefore wake up with irritation. Rotator cuff strengthening, the

We want it to be stable.

The fix:. Strengthening the upper back muscles and rotator cuff. Promote stability. Help target upward rotation.

Things to try: wall angels, Ts and Ys, oer head holds, hold a kettlebell on top of your chest while lying on your chest

Consistency is key! Try to remind yourself to practice these movements and be mindful of your posture.

Want to learn more? Check out The Driftwood Athletics Podcast Episode: 19

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