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Never let age dictate the future of your health. Age is really & truly just a number. You can start or restart your fitness at any age. Here are some steps you can take to begin regaining control of your health and wellness:

Check with a doctor first- A reality of being a little older is that our health naturally starts to deteriorate. Depending on the individual and their health, be sure to talk to a doctor and make sure you are cleared to start any sort of training regime. Especially if you are on anytime of medication. Cardiovascular exercise may not be the safest with certain prescriptions. So its always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to health. We're here to improve your health and wellness, not jeopardize it.

Start slow and monitor progress- Our bodies don't bounce back as quick from workouts like they used to. That's okay. All that means is we'll need to space out our workouts (to start) & prioritize rest and recovery. That DOES NOT mean we won't be working hard and seeing results. Our macro goal should be to stay as active as we can for as long as we can. You'll see measurable results by just focusing on that alone. As you start to get in a groove and find a rhythm and routine, then you can figure out whether 1-2 more sessions a week is something you can manage or perhaps its time to turn the intensity up a notch. All after seeing how your body responds to this new training regime.

Find a professional- At this point, it would take a lot of determination and dedication to devote your time to learning about what exercises to do, sets, reps, hypertrophy, etc. " hype trohpie? what's that?".

"No no, HYPER-TROPHY." A personal trainer (PT) can be a great option if you want to get in, get what you need done & get out. Depending where you go, PT prices very. Unfortunately, so do results. In most cases, you'll get a noticeably different experience paying $50 for. haircut then you do for $9. With that being said, find somewhere thats affordable and you trust to provide the service you're in search of. Wherever you decide to go (if you are cleared from your doctor first), make sure that its the right fit for you.

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