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Even though the holidays in 2020 look a little different due to the pandemic, there's no question we will all want some joy, laughs and a couple plates of turkey and stuffing. Thats okay! you deserve it. Sometimes if we don't pay attention, we can go a little overboard.

Here are some tips on how to still enjoy your feasts to the fullest while without it getting out of hand.

Drink lots of water- A lot of the time, we aren't actually hungry. We are dehydrated. Hydrated days before your holiday dinner and prior to eating can fill you up and prevent you from over eating.

Eat slowly- Chew your food thoroughly during the meal. Put your fork down and socialize—enjoy your time with others. This will ensure you don’t get bloated and feel gross afterwards.

Time between second, third & fourth servings- Wait 10-15 minutes before having a second helping to give your body a chance to register how much you’ve already eaten. You might find you don’t need that extra plate and can keep some room for dessert instead.

Plan your workouts accordingly- Increase your activity levels and guard them in your schedule. On the day of a big dinner, commit to fit in a workout to burn off and make room for the extra calories consumed.

Go for a walk After Dinner- Going for a walk after dinner gets blood flowing and increases digestion.

Enjoy your holidays and if you over indulge, don't beat yourself help... It's Christmas!

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