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Different ages, different genders, different goals. That we know. Although, there are some common themes you should keep in mind when looking for a new facility to train out of. Here are some things to consider before making a decision to find a new gym, regardless of age, gender or personal goals.

Is it a community or a business?- Depending on what your looking for in a gym, are you wanting to join a community or are you looking to just put your headphones in, get your work done, and get out. The main reasons people choose smaller gyms or group class settings is for the people and community. We've seen individuals go from strangers, to dating, to engaged, to married and finally having kids. You don't see, hear or know about amazing stories like that at traditional commercial gyms. That may not be what your looking for. If you want to get in & get out unbothered (or with minimal interaction), the bigger global gyms are your best fit.

It's about identifying your wants and needs and making a decision accordingly.

Coaches/Staff- What's a good coach and what's a bad coach? Every has their own interpretation. A good/bad coach is subjective. With that in mind, find a coach that fits your needs. Knows what you want/need. You can communicate with easily, and ideally someone (or a team of coaches) you enjoy interacting with and being around. That's what a good coach is. Someone who makes you feel good, along with providing you with the guidance and results YOU want.

A gym that offers a lot more than equipment & coaching- The best gyms offer a lot of services outside just exercise. Find a space that has other forms of coaching and guidance. Wether its an in-house physiotherapy/chiropractic clinic, a nutritionist, naturopathic doctor, kids classes, etc. Having great service all in the same place can be convenient, more efficient/effective & time saving. So do your research, ask around and find somewhere that works for you and your busy schedule.

Offers multiple fitness disciplines- Training may get boring and goals can change. The worst thing would be choosing a gym that just does power lifting. Then your goals change and you want to focus more on cardiovascular health and they don't offer it. Try and find somewhere that covers a couple different forms of fitness in case you want to switch it up and round out your fitness game.

Location & showers- Location is a big factor for most. Is it close to home or to work? Is it on the way to either? This alone can save you tons of time which is a humans 2nd most important asset (Health being #1). Shower facilities play a big part in a gyms location. If you need to get your workout in before work and your employer doesn't have shower facilities... you'll have the obvious (and noticeable) issue. A simple post workout shower can save you time and allow you to go wherever you need, clean, smelling good and ready to go. Keep that in mind.

Enjoy your fitness journey. Find a place you can see yourself staying at and growing with for a long time. It will make consistency and progress a lot more easy. Good luck!

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