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2020 has been a year. As it comes to an end and we have a little bit of hope in early 2021, we still want to make sure these last 3-4 weeks of December don't go to waste. Here are 3 things you can do at home that you'll thank yourself for doing in 2021.

Learn to cook & eat clean- Clean foods fill your body with plentiful vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein and healthy fats, which improve heart and brain health, assist with weight management, build a stronger immune system and increase energy levels, among other benefits. Before you can eat clean, you have to learn how to cook it first. How is the easy part... its called a cook book. The underlying benefits maybe something to desire. Other than eating healthy, you're also learning to budget your money, and clean up after your done (most are terrible at it) and save some cash. Also, learning to cook is less expensive than eating out at restaurants and fast food joints

Read 10 pages a day- A typical paperback book is approximately between 300-400 pages. Thats just over 9 books a year. If fiction is your thing, you'll be enjoying a lot of great books. If non-fiction is you wheelhouses you can learn a lot especially if you're reading books in your career or industry. That alone can change the course of your professional or personal life. In just 15-20 min a day.

Connect with an old family member, friend, or colleague- In the age of technology, at the end of the day humans are the variable. Until the robots kill us all, we will always be in communication with each other regardless of the medium. Rekindling an old relationship can be exactly what you need during this mentally tough time. You can never have too many strong relationships. So reach out!

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