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3 Tips For beginners

Crossfit can be intimidating. Theres a lot going on at once and you make just want to attack the class with 100% and try to lift as much as every and so on. Here are 3 tips for beginners to keep in mind during their first few weeks/months of Crossfit (and honestly for their duration of Crossfit)

1) Stay within Your Abilities

Competing is fun, especially against your friends. Unfortunately it won't be as beneficial and could be potentially dangerous to try and do more work then your body is capable of. Refrain from trying to lift as much as another individual who is clearly stronger than you. Good tip is if you start increasing weight to a point you have ANY doubts about your ability to lift it, you should NOT attempt to. Once comfortable with form and certain exercises/technique, you can slowly begin to attempt heavier weights.

2) 75% effort in most cases is better than 100% Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. Who wins? Crossfit is very similar to the ending. In most cases, the individual who goes all out at the beginning of the workout, usually doesn't stay there and pays for it in the end. It's not just advice for competing or trying to win a WOD (workout of the day). It becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain good technique and form safely when you're going all out and your heart rate is through the roof. Remember, fast isn't fast. Smooth is fast.

3) Remember throughout class to stay RELAX and BREATHE

Holding your breath and being all wound up and tight will cause you to waste a lot of energy and cost you precious seconds. It will also cause your heart rate to spike which causes your technique to diminish with the potential of failed reps. Stay relaxed, breathe and focus on each rep of each movement. Making them as perfect as can be in that moment. Good luck with your crossfit journey and try implementing these tips! - Driftwood Athletics